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Taipei Headquarters

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Professional Team

After many years of practical patent experience, NAIP Group has developed five core divisions -- patent engineering, administration flow, information engineering, sales and internal management – and all have adapted to the changing landscape of the industry to provide customers with comprehensive and professional patent services.

Organizational Chart (by job type)

Organizational Chart (by seniority)

In NAIP Group, patent engineering team comprises around one third of all. Our engineers are drawn from a diverse range of fields, and have plentiful industry and patent experience, with over 80% coming from the top four universities in Taiwan -- National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University and National Cheng Kung University. Over half of our engineers have master’s degrees or above. After joining the company, every engineer undergoes a rigorous three year regimen of patent engineering training, which gives them an accurate understanding of the technical features of client inventions across different industry sectors, enabling them to secure the broadest possible patent protection for every invention.

NAIP Group also has a team of professional administration staff who are extremely well-versed in patent regulations and procedure in Taiwan, the United States, China and Europe and comprise another third of the company. They are responsible for dealing with patent workflow and keeping in contact with our international partner agencies, coordinating the patent application procedure and managing renewal payments post-grant.

We have been somewhat of a pioneer in incorporating an information systems management team as early as 1999, something which is not common practice in the industry. Our automated patent management system is aimed at helping clients simplify the complexity of patent workflow and ensuring the quality and timeliness of patent applications. This system is constantly being updated for accuracy in response to changes in regulation and individual client requirements and is now one of the most comprehensive and powerful application management systems in the industry.

NAIP Group looks with great respect upon the requirements of our clients and for this reason we have an enthusiastic sales team, who provides professional services throughout the patent application and management process. They strive to serve as a clear channel of communication between us and our clients as well as working with the other internal management teams within the group, allowing NAIP Group to become a byword for professional quality and the best choice for you.