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Professional Team





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Taipei Headquarters

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Working Environment

NAIP Group was founded in 1995, more than 20 years ago. Our company occupies seven floors of an office building conveniently located a short walk from Dingxi MRT station. In our spacious and comfortable workspace, there are no formal dress code requirements, allowing our employees to focus on the efficiency of their work.

We already employ around 220 people, including our highly-skilled patent engineers, information systems engineers, and administrative support staff, with a wide range of specialisms and with substantial experience in different industries. We’ve always insisted on high technical standards and quality of service, so we take pride in our staff and technical training regimes, sparing no effort, with our in-house training team, which helps with education and training, as well as our research team, which keeps track of ever-changing patent regulation and new technology trends. This research is then used to provide training classes, providing employees with an efficient way to learn, meaning they can quickly apply this knowledge.

In terms of our company’s management style, NAIP puts a lot of importance on the dignity of its employees, so staff are expected to treat one another with respect and fairness. Impropriety or prejudice in the workplace is not tolerated under any circumstances. We also believe that overtime does not improve efficiency and that the only way to push up efficiency is with increased structure and automation. This allows us to offer employees a good work-life balance, ensuring they are consistent in terms of quality of work and efficiency.


Additional Benefits:

1. Flexible working hours

2. Annual company travel days and allowance

3. Regular departmental social events and activities

4. Intensive training in professional skills

5. Bonuses on major festivals

6. Subsidies for staff clubs

7. Annual physical

8. Comprehensive group insurance (including life insurance, hospital care insurance, accident insurance, accident medical insurance and cancer insurance).