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Since founded in 1995, NAIP Group has insisted on the values of integrity, quality and professionalism when working with our global partner agencies, to provide clients with comprehensive global services allowing them to protect their intellectual property, maintain their product’s competitive advantage and create a valuable global brand.


The patent protection advice and services NAIP Group offers are all aimed at securing the broadest patent protection possible for clients, and not, as many other patent agencies tend to do, at trying to milk clients with different service fees. NAIP Group maintains its rigorous and professional customer service independent of the number of cases entrusted by any one client.


NAIP Group has built a dual security mechanism to ensure strict accuracy and efficiency in our patent workflow; our patent engineering quality control mechanism means that all patents are reviewed for both technical accuracy and for writing style and only then passed on to clients. To strengthen our service and improve our accuracy and efficiency, Our IT team has developed professional automatized quality management systems.


Our professional service team has been in place for over 20 years. As well as offering direct filing for patents in the United States and Taiwan, we also offer filing through our international network of agency partners for patents in other countries. Our patent engineering team is composed of candidates recruited for their professional expertise in specific technical fields and for their experience in patent drafting, to ensure that they can get to grips with the technical features of our clients’ inventions and secure the best protection possible for their patents.