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Professional Team





 - Taipei Headquarters

Taipei Headquarters

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Hsinchu Office

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Taichung Office

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NAIP Group Introduction

North America Intellectual Property Corporation (NAIP) founded in 2002 and North America Union Patent & Trademark Office (Former North America International Patent Firm) founded in 1995, are focusing on providing clients with a full range  of intellectual property services. For years, NAIP group insisting on the value  of “Integrity”, “Quality” and “Professionalism” has provided various clients with all kinds of quality IP services and accumulated a wealth of professional experience.

NAIP group, is making great efforts on innovation and progress as well as recruiting and training more patent agents, engineers and patent legal researchers in different technical fields. Furthermore, NAIP group keeps developing advanced automated patent management system, advancing on procedure control capabilities and efficiency, launching the cloud patent management portal (PVIGO), and utilizing electronic filing to save more cost and time of patent applications. Nowadays, NAIP group has been becoming the leading IP e-service provider in Taiwan.



Established: 1995
NAIP Group: North America Intellectual Property Corporation
North America Union Patent & Trademark Office
Patent Agents: US Patent Agents: 2
Taiwan Patent Agents/Attorneys : 5
Trademark Agent: Taiwan Trademark Agent : 7
Employees: 220+
Locations: Taiwan Headquarters (New Taipei City), Taiwan Hsinchu Office, Taiwan Taichung Office, Taiwan Kaohsiung Office
Official Website:
e-Service Portal: PVIGO e-Services
NAIP eNewsletter: NAIP eNewsletter (Traditional Chinese; First Published in May 2007)
NAIP eNewsletter(Simplified Chinese; First Published in Aug. 2016)
IP Observer (English; The first issue in April, 2016;the final issue in June, 2018)