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2018/2/9 Nissan sales suffer over scandal, but U.S. tax reforms help Asahi Shimbun
2018/2/9 S. Korean tech firms brace for competition from China Yonhap News
2018/2/9 LG Electronics showcases premium home appliances in France Yonhap News
2018/2/9 Cattle genomics patent decision pending Farm Weekly
2018/2/8 U.S. Patent System Falls to 12th Place in Chamber Global IP Index for 2018 IP Watchdog
2018/2/8 China’s first court decision on GUI design patent infringement narrows avenues for protecting software IAM Media
2018/2/8 Seoul Semiconductor files third patent infringement lawsuit against Mouser for sale of Everlight products in Italy Semiconductor Today
2018/2/8 China formulates new policies for autonomous cars in bid to catch up to US South China Morning Post
2018/2/8 Chinese Scientists Discover New Asthma Treatment Sixth Tone
2018/2/8 From travel and retail to banking, China’s facial-recognition systems are becoming part of daily life South China Morning Post
2018/2/7 IPR Process Saves 80 Companies From Paying For a Sports-Motion Patent EFF
2018/2/7 Hon Hai reportedly to build North America headquarters in Milwaukee Focus Taiwan
2018/2/7 China’s Patent System Entering Middle Age PatentlyO
2018/2/7 China is the leading country for blockchain patents with Alibaba and PBOC on top TechNode
2018/2/6 How Foreign Patentees Fared in Patent Litigation in China PatentlyO
2018/2/6 World Academy of Sciences selects three Taiwanese as fellows Focus Taiwan
2018/2/6 Synnex Succeeds in A Trademark Invalidity Action Against China’s OTT Video Tycoon Lexology
2018/2/6 South Korean financial regulator to grant more banking licenses Korea JoongAng Daily
2018/2/1 Patent payment boosts Nokia's quarterly results YLE
2018/2/1 UPS patent file describes system that could decentralize private sales The Next Web
2018/2/1 Wrist Watching: Amazon Patents System To Track, Guide Employees' Hands NPR
2018/1/30 Chunghwa Telecom forms 5G alliance Taipei Times
2018/1/30 Hon Hai reportedly helping Sharp to reenter PC market Focus Taiwan
2018/1/30 Facebook is banning all ads promoting cryptocurrencies — including bitcoin and ICOs Recode
2018/1/30 Google completes its $1.1 billion HTC deal Engadget
2018/1/29 Why has Meryl Streep applied to trademark her name? BBC
2018/1/29 IBM to enhance private cloud business in Taiwan in 2018 Digitimes
2018/1/29 Taiwan might see 60 IPOs this year Taipei Times
2018/1/29 Mediatek Has Likely Bagged The Deal To Ship Wi-Fi Chips For The Next-Gen Apple Homepod GizmoChina
2018/1/29 Coolpad CEO makes good on patent threats with broadside against Xiaomi IAM Media
2018/1/29 Himax Technologies Acquires Nano 3D Mastering Assets, Related Intellectual Property and Business Himax Press Release
2018/1/29 Supreme Court Patent Update for January 2018 PatentlyO
2018/1/29 Apple settles with Immersion over haptic feedback licensing Engadget
2018/1/28 Alibaba, Foxconn Invest in Chinese Electric-Vehicle Maker Wall Street Journal
2018/1/26 Appealing to Southeast Asian Markets with Taiwanese Quality CommonWealth
2018/1/26 China’s tech plans ‘disrespect’ IP rights, says US commerce secretary WIPR
2018/1/26 Major shake-up seen as Chinese smartphone market contracts for the first time ever South China Morning Post
2018/1/26 China’s Huawei Pay debuts in Russia, as first port of call in global push South China Morning Post
2018/1/26 Taiwan researchers find key substance for brain cell regeneration Focus Taiwan
2018/1/26 China's Alipay rolls into the Middle East, with Israel as the first station The People's Daily
2018/1/26 Chinese carmaker Dongfeng developing autonomous vehicles The People's Daily
2018/1/26 China's supercomputer Tianhe-1 serves 1,600 clients The People's Daily
2018/1/26 Fujitsu to sell mobile unit The Japan News
2018/1/26 Samsung to lead consumer-centered AI world: expert Yonhap News
2018/1/26 SK's pharmaceutical unit opens first European facility in Ireland Yonhap News
2018/1/25 GE reports massive loss, faces probe of insurance writeoff AFP
2018/1/25 Gaming the System? Foreign Access to China’s Online Gaming Industry China Law Blog
2018/1/24 PTAB Defines Further Limitation to Sovereign Immunity Defense PTAB Watch
2018/1/24 Taiwan remains among top five markets for Google Play Focus Taiwan
2018/1/23 Globalizing Taiwan’s Defense Industry Taiwan Sentinel
2018/1/22 Brazil says Monsanto's Intacta patent should be voided Reuters
2018/1/19 Google, Tencent agree to share patents in global tech alliance South China Morning Post
2018/1/19 Here’s How We Can Fix Our Pension Systems CommonWealth
2018/1/18 Innovation wins trademark dispute with Bell’s Brewery MountainX
2018/1/18 This Beauty Brand Is Trying to Trademark 'Me Too' Glamour
2018/1/18 Vice Media and Porn Cryptocurrency Company Headed to Court Over Trademark Hollywood Reporter
2018/1/18 LG Electronics unveils AI-equipped air conditioners Yonhap News
2018/1/18 Broad Institute takes a hit in European CRISPR patent struggle Science Mag
2018/1/18 This Samsung patent could solve the iPhone X's notch problem CNET
2018/1/18 J&J's blockbuster Zytiga falls to patent challenge, boosting threat of 2018 generics Fierce Pharma
2018/1/18 Trump threatens IP fine for China, while SCOTUS could help patent owners get tough on overseas infringement Iam
2018/1/18 Brace Yourself, the 5G Future is Coming CommonWealth
2018/1/18 Lenovo spin-off joins Chinese hospitals to improve cancer survival rates with help of AI South China Morning Post
2018/1/18 EU court upholds rejection of LG’s ‘Dual Edge’ TM WIPR
2018/1/18 Fox throws counterpunch in Muhammad Ali image bout WIPR
2018/1/17 Amazon patents a robot TAILOR that can instantly cut you the perfect suit using online measurements and glow-in-the-dark dyes Daily Mail
2018/1/17 Twitter faces trademark infringement lawsuit from podcast network EnGadget
2018/1/16 Asustek's new 6-inch smartphone reportedly certified in Russia CommonWealth
2018/1/16 Vietnam: Amendments In Intellectual Property Laws In Vietnam Mondaq
2018/1/12 Cryptocurrency exchanges face uncertain fate Korea JoongAng Daily
2018/1/12 LG Electronics invests in local robot maker Yonhap News
2018/1/12 Huawei wins China patent lawsuit against rival Samsung The Asahi Shimbun
2018/1/11 ‘Trust deficit’ is keeping US from approving investment by Chinese companies, conference hears South China Morning Post
2018/1/11 Does ASEAN Still Have a Future in Manufacturing? CommonWealth
2018/1/11 S. Korea to expand support for next technology trends Yonhap News
2018/1/11 TiVo Sues Comcast Again, Alleging Operator’s X1 Infringes Eight Patents Variety
2018/1/11 Kite Earns Patent for Method to Increase Efficacy of CAR-T GEN
2018/1/11 More tech firms to launch IPOS in HK as the stock exchange mulls dual-class shares system People's Daily
2018/1/10 Alibaba AI Labs, MediaTek sign accord on IoT cooperation Focus Taiwan
2018/1/10 How Machines Will Not Replace Human Workers CommonWealth
2018/1/10 Nintendo Sues Colopl Over Five Patent Infringements In White Cat Project Silicon Era
2018/1/10 Taiwan chosen for Microsoft AI development center Focus Taiwan
2018/1/9 Huawei's AT&T U.S. smartphone deal collapses Reuters
2018/1/8 IFI CLAIMS Announces 2017 Top U.S. Patent Recipients Global Newswire
2018/1/8 Record number of invention patent applications in China WIPR
2018/1/8 Makeup artist smacks LVMH company with lip lawsuit WIPR
2018/1/8 Federal Circuit Again Reminds PTAB that BRI Must Be Reasonable PTAB Watch
2018/1/12 Cryptocurrency exchanges face uncertain fate Korea JoongAng Daily
2018/1/12 LG Electronics invests in local robot maker Yonhap News
2018/1/12 Huawei wins China patent lawsuit against rival Samsung The Asahi Shimbun
2018/1/11 ‘Trust deficit’ is keeping US from approving investment by Chinese companies, conference hears South China Morning Post
2018/1/11 Does ASEAN Still Have a Future in Manufacturing? CommonWealth
2018/1/11 S. Korea to expand support for next technology trends Yonhap News
2018/1/11 TiVo Sues Comcast Again, Alleging Operator’s X1 Infringes Eight Patents Variety
2018/1/11 Kite Earns Patent for Method to Increase Efficacy of CAR-T GEN
2018/1/11 More tech firms to launch IPOS in HK as the stock exchange mulls dual-class shares system People's Daily
2018/1/10 Alibaba AI Labs, MediaTek sign accord on IoT cooperation Focus Taiwan
2018/1/10 How Machines Will Not Replace Human Workers CommonWealth
2018/1/10 Nintendo Sues Colopl Over Five Patent Infringements In White Cat Project Silicon Era
2018/1/10 Taiwan chosen for Microsoft AI development center Focus Taiwan
2018/1/9 Huawei's AT&T U.S. smartphone deal collapses Reuters
2018/1/8 IFI CLAIMS Announces 2017 Top U.S. Patent Recipients Global Newswire
2018/1/8 Record number of invention patent applications in China WIPR
2018/1/8 Makeup artist smacks LVMH company with lip lawsuit WIPR
2018/1/8 Federal Circuit Again Reminds PTAB that BRI Must Be Reasonable PTAB Watch
2018/1/5 HP issues worldwide recall of computer batteries over fire risk South China Morning Post
2018/1/5 LG Electronics to showcase UHD beam projector at CES 2018 Yonhap News
2018/1/5 China's first bio-safety level 4 lab put into operation People's Daily
2018/1/4 Two security flaws in modern chips cause big headaches for the tech business The Economist
2018/1/4 3 Things Every Company Can Do to Benefit from Digital Disruption CommonWealth
2018/1/4 Here’s what happens with your data when you use a Chinese messaging app South China Morning Post
2018/1/3 What Silicon Valley Misunderstands About Banking and Fintech The Financial Brand
2018/1/3 FormoSat-5's resolution woes an optical calibration issue: NSPO Focus Taiwan
2018/1/3 Amazon's smart mirror patent teases the future of fashion CNN
2018/1/3 South Africa’s Push For Knowledge-Based Economy Through IP Intellectual Property Watch
2018/1/3 Mohawk Tribe Seeks Discovery/FOIA on PTAB Expanded Panel Process Patents Post Grant
2018/1/3 CAFC: PTAB Abused Its Discretion When It Refused to Admit Expert’s Trial Testimony PTAB Watch
2018/1/2 Taiwanese helps develop method of converting biomass into chemicals Focus Taiwan
2018/1/2 2017 in Review: A Year of Transition RPX
2018/1/2 Regeneron v. Merus: Sui Generis or a Regener-ating Fact Pattern? PatentlyO
2018/1/2 ‘Inside Out’ copyright case rumbles on with opposition against Disney WIPR
2018/1/2 China SOEs move to set up first institutional compliance systems Financial Times
2018/1/1 Taking on China’s Goliaths CommonWealth
2017/12/29 China launches world's largest human genome research project Global Times
2017/12/29 China to build Mars village in Qinghai Province Xinhua
2017/12/29 S. Korea on course to complete ion accelerator Yonhap News
2017/12/29 Apple apologises for slowing down older iPhones The Guardian
2017/12/29 Korea considering ban on trading of bitcoin JoongAng Daily
2017/12/29 Apple to reduce costs of battery replacement Yonhap News
2017/12/28 What Mattered in 2017: Industry Insiders Reflect Biggest Moments in IP IP Watchdog
2017/12/28 Google retires the Pixel C tablet as it shifts focus to the Pixelbook Tech Crunch
2017/12/28 UK’s poorest to fare worst in age of automation, thinktank warns The Guardian
2017/12/28 It’s surprisingly easy to program living tissue to form new 3D shapes Tech Crunch
2017/12/28 American journalist seeks to pull back the curtain on “Samsung Empire” The Hankyoreh
2017/12/28 Japan to refuse renegotiations The Japan News
2017/12/27 These experts figured out why so many bogus patents get approved Ars Technica
2017/12/27 Slower-than-expected iPhone X sales fuel rumors of price cut Focus Taiwan
2017/12/27 How AI Could Teach Chinese Kids Their ABCs Sixth Tone
2017/12/26 Hon Hai unveils supercomputer system Focus Taiwan
2017/12/26 Shenzhen sets up finance, IP protection courts Xinhua
2017/12/21 Amazon filed a trademark for a YouTube-like competitor — even as it was feuding with Google about access to the video site Business Insider
2017/12/21 Apple just patented a navigation system for self-driving cars CNBC
2017/12/21 Disney Files Trademark Suit to Protect ‘Star Wars’ Card Game Variety
2017/12/21 Euro Patent Office fails miserably in key accountability case The Register
2017/12/21 Nokia signs multiyear patent deal with Huawei Financial Times
2017/12/20 Pivot Pharma Signs Binding Letter of Intent to Acquire Cannabis Oil Infusion Technology for Use in Food and Beverage Products Quebec Daily Examiner
2017/12/20 Scientists describe problems in Philip Morris e-cigarette experiments Reuters
2017/12/20 PIPCU seizes £100k of fake clothing, urges consumers to shop savvy TBO
2017/12/20 Sovereign Immunity Begins to Unravel at PTAB PTAB Watch
2017/12/20 Aldi must prove Champagne taste in TM clash, rules CJEU WIPR
2017/12/20 Police Investigating 'Suspicious' Deaths Of Billionaire Toronto Couple NPR
2017/12/19 Singapore's IP Office to Grant Merck's Patent Application for CRISPR Technology Asia One
2017/12/19 Russia, China react to Trump's security strategy remarks Fox News
2017/12/19 PTAB: State Waives Eleventh Amendment Immunity by Filing Patent Infringement Lawsuit IP Watchdog
2017/12/19 Fintech Startups Seek to Shake Up Money-Transfer Industry The Wall Street Journal
2017/12/19 U.S. Government Lifts 3-Year Research Ban on Engineering Lethal Viruses Inverse
2017/12/18 FDA proposes new, risk-based enforcement priorities to protect consumers from potentially harmful, unproven homeopathic drugs FDA
2017/12/17 Uber to face stricter EU regulation after ECJ rules it is transport firm The Guardian
2017/12/14 So what happened with the patent judge and the Euro Patent Office? The Register
2017/12/14 Some of Hawaii's kumu hula considering trademark on halau name People's Daily
2017/12/13 It’s A Wrap: What To Expect From The Copyright Wars In 2018 Above the Law
2017/12/13 Ethics Quandaries in PTAB Proceedings Patents Post-Grant
2017/12/13 Delhi HC  says trademark has not acquired  distinctiveness Bar & Bench
2017/12/13 Trademark for proposed Atlantic Schooners CFL expansion team quietly secured Toronto Star
2017/12/13 The disturbing problem at Canada’s Patent Office: It’s suddenly denying medical-test patents Financial Post
2017/12/13 Economic Consequences of the Patent Crisis IP Watchdog
2017/12/13 Samsung's latest patent shows a phone with wraparound display The Verge
2017/12/13 EPO staff demonstrate in Munich following UN agency decisions WIPR
2017/12/13 Did Alice v CLS Bank affect reduced venture capital tech funding? WIPR
2017/12/13 BitTorrent in trademark win at EU General Court WIPR
2017/12/13 Bank of America is granted (another) blockchain-type patent IP Close UP
2017/12/12 Judicial Independence & The PTAB Patents Post-Grant
2017/12/12 3  Lessons On Data From Trademark Cases Above the Law
2017/12/12 Nike patents an augmented reality headset to help golfers improve their game by giving them real-time stats about their swing Daily Mail Online
2017/12/12 WIPO Stats on Patent Application Filings Shows China Continuing to Lead the World IP Watchdog
2017/12/11 TSMC new Nanjing fab to ship earlier than expected Taipei Times
2017/12/8 Smart planning, affordability key to 'smart city' projects: LSE scholar Yonhap News
2017/12/8 China turns space debris into in-orbit Internet of Things People's Daily
2017/12/7 Xiaomi fails in EU trademark case against Apple CSO Online
2017/12/7 Formula One files trademark documents for potential Las Vegas Grand Prix Las Vegas Review Journal
2017/12/7 “Selling” Patents to Sovereign Nations Shouldn’t Mean Bad Patents Can’t Be Challenged Electronic Frontier Foundation
2017/12/7 Apple Patent Filing Hints at Blockchain Use CoinDesk
2017/12/7 Carmakers Want Silicon Valley’s Tech Without Its Patent Wars Bloomberg
2017/12/7 USPTO Awards Patent to Bank of America’s Cryptocurrency Exchange System CoinTelegraph
2017/12/7 Euro Patent Office ignores ruling and refuses entry to vindicated judge The Register
2017/12/7 Former RPX dealmaker steps in to reboot monetisation of legacy Yahoo! patent portfolio Iam
2017/12/7 Why Foreign Firms in China Are Losing Out to Homegrown Rivals Sixth Tone
2017/12/6 China tops patent, trademark and design filings in 2016 – UN agency reports UN News Centre
2017/12/6 Changes in Patent Language to Ensure Eligibility Under Alice IP Watchdog
2017/12/6 Why it's important to differentiate between a trademark and a registered trademark Financial Post
2017/12/6 Why Change Wind Corporation Cannot Register Its Helical Turbine as a Trademark Lexology
2017/12/6 Technology ministry working with Microsoft on AI development Focus Taiwan
2017/12/4 BlackBerry ‘accepts’ $157m patent payment to Nokia WIPR
2017/12/4 PTAB Not Always Bound By Previous Court Decisions Regarding Patent Validity PTAB Watch
2017/12/1 Patent Move Was ‘Nuts,’ Regeneron CEO Tells Allergan Chief Bloomberg
2017/11/30 Insider threat — Chemours employee steals trade secrets CSO Online
2017/11/30 Where is that Anticipation Rejection? Isn't it Obvious!  Patentlyo
2017/11/30 The Patent Bargain and the Fiction of Administrative ‘Error Correction’ in Inter Partes Reviews IP Watchdog
2017/11/30 “Gold rush towards oncology” has major implications for pharma patent deal-making IAM
2017/11/30 ICE Agent: Cryptocurrencies Increasingly Used in Money Laundering CoinDesk
2017/11/30 Iancu gives little away at Senate hearing but tells patent owners he feels their IPR and eligibility pain Tech Crunch
2017/11/30 An Unsuccessful Registration Of The Trademark “I’m Organic” (Europe) National Law Review
2017/11/29 New European Copyright Enforcement Plans Loom Large Even as Users Revolt Against Filter Proposal Electronic Frontier Foundation
2017/11/29 Comic-Con: a Trademark or Part of the Commons? Court House News
2017/11/29 Apple accuses Qualcomm of patent infringement in countersuit Reuters
2017/11/28 NCC to launch crackdown on illegal IPTV devices Taipei Times
2017/11/28 SCOTUS hearing bodes well for IPR process, say lawyers WIPR
2017/11/28 Chinese nationals charged with trade secrets theft in US WIPR
2017/11/28 Trademark Announcement Sparks Conversation About Microlearning CLO Media
2017/11/27 First-to-File Rule Brings Venue of Camera Patent Fight into Focus New England IP Blog
2017/11/27 Bill Gates given one of China’s highest academic honours SCMP
2017/11/24 Ping An’s Good Doctor app is using AI to get smarter as its user base tops 180 million South China Morning Post
2017/11/24 Nonghyup Financial eyes Southeast Asian market Yonhap News
2017/11/24 Mitsubishi Materials says units falsified product data The Asahi Shimbun
2017/11/23 AI changes traditional driving behaviors People's Daily
2017/11/23 Takata fined €12.7 mil. by EU for role in parts cartel The Japan News
2017/11/23 Judge: EFF’s “Stupid Patent of the Month” clearly protected by Constitution Ars Technica
2017/11/23 Co-founder of unicorn InMobi is launching a bike-sharing startup in India Tech Crunch
2017/11/23 In Israel, a blockchain and crypto hyper-cluster is just getting started Tech Crunch
2017/11/22 Uber faces slew of investigations in wake of 'outrageous' data hack cover-up The Guardian
2017/11/22 TiVo Rises After Winning Key U.S. Patent Ruling Against Comcast Bloomberg
2017/11/22 Microsoft sued over HoloLens patent infringements Engadget
2017/11/22 Qualcomm Releases 5G Royalty Terms for OEMs Gizmodo
2017/11/22 PayPal and Pandora Media settle dispute over letter ‘P’ WIPR
2017/11/22 Taiwan, Japan sign two MOUs at economic and trade conference Focus Taiwan
2017/11/21 LG Chem in legal battle with ATL in US The Korea Herald
2017/11/21 UK patent fees set to rise in 2018 WIPR
2017/11/20 MediaTek to hold mobile phone design program for Indian talent Focus Taiwan
2017/11/20 USITC launches Alibaba investigation WIPR
2017/11/16 Premier Lai calls on Cabinet to start preparing for CPTPP bid Focus Taiwan
2017/11/16 Error in Claim Construction Leads to Reversal of IPR Decision and Cancelation of Claims PTAB Watch
2017/11/15 Japanese Investment in Korea Soars Chosun Ilbo
2017/11/15 UK delegation to China looks to build on IP partnerships GOV.UK
2017/11/14 Why the Law Alone Won’t Stop China’s Crooked Online Sellers Sixth Tone
2017/11/14 Apple faces fresh USITC investigation over alleged Screen Sharing, AirPlay Mirroring patent infringement Apple Insider
2017/11/14 MasterCard has filed a patent on its own blockchain-based money transfer solution Tech Crunch
2017/11/14 U.S. ITC Investigating Claims Apple Infringed on Patents Owned by Aqua Connect Mac Rumors
2017/11/14 IP provisions suspended in newly agreed TPP deal WIPR
2017/11/14 Patent Agent Privilege Recognized in Final Rulemaking Issued by USPTO PTAB Watch
2017/11/14 Tsai praises TPP progress at APEC Taipei Times
2017/11/13 High-tech industries dominate China innovation, says Top 100 report WIPR
2017/11/13 Customs seizes fake poppy merchandise WIPR
2017/11/13 Starbucks appeals TTAB decision over cup mark WIPR
2017/11/13 Qualcomm refuses Broadcom’s $105 billion acquisition offer Bloomberg
2017/11/13 Qualcomm May Face Renegotiations With Key Android Partners Android Headlines
2017/11/13 China E-Commerce: Resistance is Futile China Law Blog
2017/11/13 In a rare move, Korean IP Office taps top LG patent executive for key judge role IAM Blog
2017/11/7 A major vulnerability has frozen hundreds of millions of dollars of Ethereum Tech Crunch
2017/11/7 China and Asia poised to take the lead on insurtech: WTW report Commerical Risk
2017/11/7 BRI and how it increases an obviousness determination IP Watchdog
2017/11/7 Reminder: PHOSITA is not an Automaton; What is an Automaton? Patently O
2017/11/7 Investing In ICOs May Be Even Riskier Than You Realize Bloomberg
2017/11/7 A Broadcom deal could help fix Qualcomm's problems with Apple CNBC
2017/11/7 Broadcom-Qualcomm deal: Apple patent dispute may hold the key WIPR
2017/11/6 Digital age changes all the rules on intellectual property The Hill
2017/11/6 PayPal CEO: Fintech will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the last 30 CNBC
2017/11/6 Lotus wins court challenge in US over generic drug Taipei Times
2017/11/6 U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Samsung's Appeal in Years-Old 'Slide to Unlock' Lawsuit With Apple Mac Rumors
2017/11/6 Four senior court rulings from last week and why they matter WIPR
2017/11/6 Google handed injunction against Canadian court order WIPR
2017/11/6 Ramifications of the New Southbound Policy AmCham Taipei
2017/11/6 PTAB Invites Amicus Input on Sovereign Immunity Dispute Patents Post Grant
2017/11/6 As court battle rages on, Midea and Gree team up to build IP “firewall” for Chinese industry IAM Media
2017/11/5 Doing Business in China is Fair to Middlin, Says the World Bank China Law Blog
2017/11/4 Chipmaker Marvell Technology in talks to buy Cavium: Wall Street Journal Reuters
2017/11/3 U.S. Congress to hold hearing on Allergan tribal patent deal Reuters
2017/11/3 British Telecom Secures Patent for a Cybersecurity Method to Protect Blockchain Coin Telegraph
2017/11/2 The Indian Patent Regime Is Accommodating Unreasonable Demands Of The US, But People Are Not Aware Outlook India
2017/11/2 This stupid patent was going to be used to sue hundreds of small businesses Ars Technica
2017/11/2 Qualcomm Accuses Apple of Helping Intel Using Qualcomm Software Mac Rumors
2017/11/2 Why QR codes are on the rise The Economist
2017/11/2 Thousands more trademarks linked to Michael Gleissner unearthed; leading in-house lawyer calls for action World Trademark Review
2017/11/1 Black cab shape not distinctive enough to be trademark, say judges The Guardian
2017/11/1 What Can Lebron James Teach Us About Trademark Law? Apple Insider
2017/11/1 Epistar inks LED supply pact with Hongli Zhihui Digitimes
2017/11/1 Alibaba tops foreign firms in Q3 patent applications Taipei Times
2017/10/31 Google Dealing With Pixel 2 Clicking Noises, Display Problems eWeek
2017/10/31 U.S. states allege broad generic drug price-fixing collusion Reuters
2017/10/31 Taiwan passes new law to attract more foreign professionals Focus Taiwan
2017/10/30 Sony's new smartphones Xperia R1 Plus and R1 to be locally manufactured in India, Co partners with Foxconn ETTelecom
2017/10/30 Chinese mainland allows Taiwan lawyers to handle more cases China Plus
2017/10/30 A Nose For Trouble? Registering Scents Under Trademark Law Above The Law
2017/10/27 Exports by startups to hit record US$20 billion this year: KITA Yonhap News
2017/10/27 New US$500m fund backed by China Everbright targets global chip firms South China Morning Post
2017/10/26 Uber introduces a credit card Tech Crunch
2017/10/26 China to use AI in human resources service People's Daily
2017/10/26 Rugby regains trademark as North American center KFGO
2017/10/26 The blunt approach: New Zealand attorney’s innovative strategy to trademark education following public outrage World Trademark Review
2017/10/26 In China, if a trademark includes a section of figure, is it necessary to record its copyright besides trademark application? Lexology
2017/10/26 International Protection of Trademarks in Connection with Brand Expansion National Law Review
2017/10/26 Bitter CRISPR patent war intensifies Nature
2017/10/26 Apple, Volkswagen, BMW warn EU over patent fees guidelines Reuters
2017/10/26 Activision has submitted another patent that looks to drive microtransactions in its games Dotesports
2017/10/26 Bug Juice: Amazon Files Patent for Drone-Based On-the-Fly EV Recharging Car and Driver
2017/10/26 Hyundai profit shrinks 20% as China woes continue Asahi Shimbun
2017/10/26 Apple versus Samsung patent damages retrial slated to start May 14 Apple Insider
2017/10/25 Gilead Patents On Sovaldi Drug Challenged By Consumer Group Bloomberg
2017/10/25 Are Kid Rock and Feld Headed For a Trademark Fight? Amplify
2017/10/25 Qualcomm suspends 5G cooperation with Taiwan's ITRI Focus Taiwan
2017/10/24 Science ministry to invest NT$4 billion on AI training Focus Taiwan
2017/10/20 Apple sued by Japanese company that owns Animoji trademark The Verge
2017/10/20 Is Amazon planning to TRACK its workers? Patent filed by the firm reveals designs for ultrasonic wristbands that monitor performance The Daily Mail
2017/10/20 Clearing up some misconceptions about copyright infringement | Expert column Hampton Road Business Journal
2017/10/20 Weedora website taken offline after Foodora threatens to sue for copyright infringement Vice Money
2017/10/20 Plans for second set of FormoSat-7 satellites scrapped: NSPO Focus Taiwan
2017/10/20 Potential safeguard to weigh down on Samsung's U.S. factory: company Yonhap News
2017/10/20 35 pct of smartphones to be shipped with AI by 2020: report Yonhap News
2017/10/20 Naver to further invest in European startups Yonhap News
2017/10/20 Chinese brand Vivo sets sights on exports as China’s home-market smartphone sales growth slows South China Morning Post
2017/10/19 Bank of America Seeks Patent for Blockchain Processing System CoinDesk
2017/10/18 Allergan's Mohawk Patent Defense Strategy Is Eyewash, Court Rules Fortune
2017/10/18 Are Patents Monopolies? It Depends on the Relevant Century Patentlyo
2017/10/18 TOP STRATEGIST: Bitcoin will soar to $25,000 in 5 years Business Insider
2017/10/18 As many in U.S. remain skeptical of patents, China picks up the slack IP Watchdog
2017/10/18 First AIA Trial Extended Beyond 12 Months for Good Cause Patents Post Grant
2017/10/17 Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s secretive hardware lab, is leaving the company Recode
2017/10/16 Patents for Restasis Are Invalidated, Opening Door to Generics The New York Times
2017/10/16 Big Tech vs Big Pharma: the battle over US patent protection Financial Times
2017/10/13 Scrapping innovation patent system will hurt SMEs most The Australian Business Review
2017/10/13 Many patent-holders stop looking to East Texas following Supreme Court ruling Ars Technica
2017/10/13 Hyundai team hope to help deaf people drive Korea JoongAng Daily
2017/10/13 Samsung Electronics predicts record high operating profit for Q3 Yonhap News
2017/10/13 Countdown starts to resign conventional cars to history as China’s Sept green vehicle sales soar 80pc South China Morning Post
2017/10/12 Trademark suggests the Game Boy may be re-released Neowin
2017/10/12 iPhones no longer first choice for smartphone users: media People's Daily
2017/10/12 Shared-Charger Startup Pulls Plug Sixth Tone
2017/10/12 Taiwanese and Indian business groups sign letters of intent Focus Taiwan
2017/10/12 Samsung to release refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in Malaysia Yonhap News
2017/10/12 Bitcoin price soars above $5,000 to record high The Guardian
2017/10/12 BlackBerry details patent deal with Android maker BLU Reuters
2017/10/12 Judge wants to know if Allergan’s tribal patent deal is a “sham” Ars Technica
2017/10/12 Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Updates Proof of Use Guideline Lexology
2017/10/12 European Patent Office's document churning snatches Germany's attention: 'We are concerned about quality' The Register
2017/10/11 Masayoshi Son’s Grand Plan for SoftBank’s $100 Billion Vision Fund The Asahi Shimbun
2017/10/11 Trademark World Can Learn From Nobel-Winning Economist Lexology
2017/10/9 Drink maker loses bid to stop game's 'monster' trademark Straits Times
2017/10/5 Dodgy clinics, shoddy science and false hopes: how stem cell research is being threatened by charlatans and unproven cures South China Morning Post
2017/10/5 Chinese students invent environment-friendly hydroelectric power system People's Daily
2017/10/5 S. Korean political parties emphasize national interest in talks to amend KORUS FTA Yonhap News
2017/10/5 Omron AI system can bring cars to a stop if drivers are dozing off The Asahi Shimbun
2017/10/5 NetScientific's Glycotest subsidiary granted Japanese patent Proactice Inventors
2017/10/5 Aviva is taking a majority stake in robo investment startup Wealthify Tech Crunch
2017/10/5 Ohio State University launches its new Digital Flagship University with Apple Tech Crunch
2017/10/5 Congress will investigate drug company that gave its patents to Mohawk tribe Ars Technica
2017/10/5 Why Velcro wants its trademark to stick $$ The Times
2017/10/5 'Taranaki Like No Other' trademark dispute resolved Taranaki Daily News
2017/10/4 Tech N9ne's Strange Music Sues Strainge Entertainment for Trademark Infringement Billboard
2017/10/4 Google has built earbuds that translate 40 languages in real time Quartz
2017/10/4 Beyoncé hits back in legal battle over rights to her daughter Blue Ivy’s name demanding event planner called 'Blue Ivy' keep proceedings under wraps Daily Mail
2017/10/4 Chicago: The Power of the PTAB Ropes & Gray
2017/10/3 State Law Governs Pre-Patent-Application Invention Rights: Do we Need Uniform Rules? PatentlyO
2017/10/3 Allergan responds to mounting criticism of Mohawk patent deal CNBC
2017/10/2 Apple faces down Qualcomm, Ericsson over EU patent fees Reuters
2017/10/2 The story behind TSMC's Morris Chang Focus Taiwan
2017/9/29 U.S. semiconductor packaging firm files lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Yonhap News
2017/9/29 Trump came close to ending South Korea FTA Joongang Daily
2017/9/29 Apple would like to remind the FCC that it can’t activate imaginary FM radios that iPhones don’t have Tech Crunch
2017/9/29 S. Korea to ban digital currency offerings Yonhap News
2017/9/29 More Chinese fintech firms to eye Hong Kong IPOs, says JP Morgan South China Morning Post
2017/9/29 Top Chinese tech companies to set up branches in Xiongan People's Daily
2017/9/28 Taiwan, Philippines sign agreements on industrial collaboration Focus Taiwan
2017/9/28 FY2017: Record Year for PTO Grant Numbers PatentlyO
2017/9/28 Troubled Toshiba, Bain finalize sale of memory-chip business Associated Press
2017/9/28 Toyota to form tech venture with Mazda for electric cars Reuters
2017/9/28 BlackBerry shares soar by 12% as software sales hit record The Guardian
2017/9/28 Batteries From Green Cars Could Swamp China’s Recycling Industry Sixth Tone
2017/9/27 Apple is being sued for patent infringement by a Native American tribe Ars Technica
2017/9/27 Bitcoin ‘More Than Just a Fad,’ Morgan Stanley CEO Says Bloomberg
2017/9/26 China's iQiyi considers U.S. listing as early as 2018: source Reuters
2017/9/25 Taiwan to invest over NT$1 billion annually in AI Focus Taiwan
2017/9/25 Is China still keen to develop a sovereign digital currency after ban on bitcoin trading? South China Morning Post
2017/9/25 Alipay Finds Seat in Starbucks, 10 Months After WeChat Pay Caixin Global
2017/9/22 Netflix and the family of Pablo Escobar are involved in a trademark fight over 'Narcos' Business Insider
2017/9/22 Appeals court: East Texas can’t keep patent case because of one local salesman Ars Technica
2017/9/21 “Comic-Con” trademark may have to activate superpowers to survive attack Ars Technica
2017/9/21 NCKU research team cracks the mysterious origins of orchids Focus Taiwan
2017/9/21 Hershey Entertainment wins another trademark fight, forces hotel to change its name Penn Live
2017/9/21 Ohio State and Oklahoma State reach agreement on OSU trademark The Columbus Dispatch
2017/9/21 Cloudflare Pays First $15,000 in Quest to Kill Blackbird Patent ‘Troll’ Fortune
2017/9/21 Patent abuse is undermining American health care The Hill
2017/9/21 Apple wins two patent rulings against Qualcomm Android Central
2017/9/20 Google Is Buying HTC’s Smartphone Expertise for $1.1 Billion New York Times
2017/9/20 Interim Director Matal Expresses High Confidence in Constitutionality of AIA Trials PTAB Watch
2017/9/20 China's IT Ministry Backs New Blockchain Research Lab CoinDesk
2017/9/20 Taylor Swift taken to court over ‘Shake it Off’, again WIPR
2017/9/20 Toshiba says seals $18 billion deal to sell chip unit to Bain Capital group Reuters
2017/9/20 China Rolls Closer to Relaxed Ownership Rules for Foreign Electric-Car Makers Caixin
2017/9/20 Shanghai police turn to facial recognition software to catch misbehaving cyclists South China Morning Post
2017/9/19 Why China Won’t Pressure North Korea as Much as Trump Wants The New Yorker
2017/9/18 Baidu Hires Former Weibo CFO Herman Yu As CFO China Money Network
2017/9/15 Semester begins for China's first group of AI graduate students People's Daily
2017/9/15 S. Korea's trade remains in black for 67th straight month in Aug. Yonhap News
2017/9/15 What is OLED, and why should you pay more to have it on your phone? South China Morning Post
2017/9/14 Scammers Blackmail Online Stores With Fake Copyright Claims Sixth Tone
2017/9/14 Trump Blocks China-Backed Lattice Bid Bloomberg
2017/9/14 Breakingviews - EU foreign investment review raises bar for China Reuters
2017/9/14 With high-performance cells, China takes aim at high-end solar market Reuters
2017/9/14 China May Own More Artificial Intelligence Patents Than US By Year-End China Money Network
2017/9/14 Alibaba Plans to Push Heavily Into Southeast Asia Bloomberg
2017/9/13 Toshiba now courting Bain group in bid to offload chip unit Asahi Shimbun
2017/9/13 Central Bank Breaks Silence on Cryptocurrency Fundraising Ban Caixin
2017/9/13 Music Licensing Deal Puts Tencent, Alibaba in Harmony Caixin
2017/9/13 Ant Financial’s Agriculture Insurance Joint Venture Gets Regulatory Green Light China Money Network
2017/9/13 China Contract Jurisdiction: Tokyo, Geneva, Toronto, South Carolina and Being Too Clever By Half China Law Blog
2017/9/13 LeEco units owing money to suppliers blacklisted as defaulters by China’s supreme court South China Morning Post
2017/9/13 Award-winning biologist suggests Taiwan invest in basic research Focus Taiwan
2017/9/12 Tang Prize CEO: Taiwan can learn from Israel's WIS Focus Taiwan
2017/9/8 China’s UrWork invests in Indonesia’s ReWork via $3M deal as WeWork rivalry heats up Tech Crunch
2017/9/8 Three S. Korean battery makers to invest 2.6 tln by 2020 Yonhap News
2017/9/8 Huawei Soars to No. 2 in Global Smartphone Market Chosun Ilbo
2017/9/8 White House in U-Turn Over Scrapping FTA with Korea Chosun Ilbo
2017/9/7 China Is Obsessed With Livestreaming and the Censors Are Racing to Keep Up Bloomberg
2017/9/7 How Tencent's empire is making music pay Tech Node
2017/9/7 Beijing joins list of cities saying no to new shared bikes Tech Node
2017/9/7 Rare Earth Metals Electrified by China's Illegal Mining Clean-Up Bloomberg
2017/9/7 Regulator Invites Foreign Firms to Further Tap Into Insurance Market Caixin
2017/9/7 Critics See Gaping Holes in China’s Public-Private Partnership Rules Caixin
2017/9/7 How to Overcome a Section 112 ¶ 6 Means-Plus-Function Presumption PTAB Watch
2017/9/7 Hong Kong scientists discover novel non-antibiotic treats for MRSA infections People's Daily
2017/9/6 China Law as California Law: There be Wolves out There IP Watchdog
2017/9/6 Lacking a Point Person on China, U.S. Risks Aggravating Tensions New York Times
2017/9/6 Nissan shows new Leaf electric vehicle, boasts 400-km range Asahi Shimbun
2017/9/6 Self-driving cars must have technology to prevent use in terror, lawmakers say The Guardian
2017/9/6 Beijing Business Sues Tesla, Alleging Sales Fraud Sixth Tone
2017/9/5 Google Continues to Hire in China Even as Search Remains Blocked Bloomberg
2017/9/1 Conor McGregor limbers up for European trademark fight over ‘The Notorious’ The Irish Times
2017/8/31 Chinese Carmakers Look to Huawei Effect to Boost Consumer Drive Sixth Tone
2017/8/31 Licensing profits from recent IBM patent purchase will go to shareholders, not Big Blue, Finjan CEO confirms IAM
2017/8/31 Nintendo ordered to pay $10 million in Wii patent lawsuit Engadget
2017/8/31 Amazon Drone Patent Describes a Delivery Drone That Will Talk to You The Drive
2017/8/30 Ireland should consider 'Irexit' to avoid Brexit damage, says academic The Guardian
2017/8/30 Samsung patent suggests a new QLED TV is on the way soon, the Q6 Tech Radar
2017/8/30 China-US Trade Wars and the IP Elephant in the Room China Law Blog
2017/8/30 Google Critic Ousted From Think Tank Funded by the Tech Giant New York Times
2017/8/30 PTAB Offers of Proof? Patents Post-Grant
2017/8/30 It’s time to talk about a longer patent term in America IP Watchdog
2017/8/30 Trademark 103: Should You Register 3D? The National Law Review
2017/8/29 CPA Global sold for £2.4bn WIPR
2017/8/29 Blockchain patent publications picked up speed in  August IP Closeup
2017/8/29 PTAB Expanded Panels: Fact Check Patent Post-Grant
2017/8/28 Could You Register The Swastika As A Trademark? Forbes
2017/8/25 Pacific Sogo to rebrand amid trademark dispute Taipei Times
2017/8/25 Carbon nanotube ‘twistron’ yarn generates electricity when stretched Tech Crunch
2017/8/25 Samsung Bioepis gets nod for biosimilar drug in Europe Yonhap News
2017/8/25 FormoSat-5 begins contact with ground station Focus Taiwan
2017/8/25 Chinese scientists make breakthrough in super steel People's Daily
2017/8/24 Reasons for Germany UPC delay revealed WIPR
2017/8/24 Toshiba prioritizes talks with Western Digital on chip business sale Reuters
2017/8/24 New Balance wins ‘precedent-setting’ payout in China trademark dispute WIPR
2017/8/24 Malaysia Inclusion In Gilead Voluntary Licence – A Product Of Compulsory Licence Pressure Intellectual Property Watch
2017/8/23 YouTubers Ethan And Hila Klein Win Copyright Case, Court Says h3h3Productions’ Use Of Video Is Fair Use TubeFilter
2017/8/23 USPTO admits to stacking PTAB panels to achieve desired outcomes IP Watchdog
2017/8/23 The future of funerals? Robot priest launched to undercut human-led rites The Guardian
2017/8/23 Are South Korean Carmakers in China Running on Empty? Caixin
2017/8/23 Alipay and WeChat Prove That China’s Future Is Cashless Sixth Tone
2017/8/23 UK lawyers doubt claims over no CJEU jurisdiction post-Brexit WIPR
2017/8/22 Alipay Apologizes to Rival WeChat for Copying ‘Mini Apps’ Code Sixth Tone
2017/8/22 Xunlei Loses Copyright Lawsuit Filed by Hollywood Studios Caixin
2017/8/22 Cheap electricity made China the king of bitcoin mining. The government’s stepping in. Tech In Asia
2017/8/18 Samsung, LG set to spend record amount on R&D this year Yonhap News
2017/8/17 Herbal Tea Rivals Must Share Trademark, Supreme Court Says Sixth Tone
2017/8/17 Toblerone not distinctive enough to be a trademark, Poundland claims, as it launches ‘copycat’ bar Independent
2017/8/17 Xerox Patent Applications Reveal Plan for Blockchain Records System CoinDesk
2017/8/17 Coinbase Awarded Patent for Bitcoin Security Concept CoinDesk
2017/8/17 Does anyone at Mapbox understand the company’s patent filing activities? IP Watchdog
2017/8/17 Theftovation: Facebook ‘Likes’ Copying Ideas IP Watchdog
2017/8/16 Secondary Considerations Again Fail to Shore Up Patent Estate PTAB Watch
2017/8/16 App iTrump wins trademark fight against Trump Organization BBC
2017/8/16 NAFTA talks must include discussion on fintech: Mexican negotiator Wixx
2017/8/15 Ethereum sets new transaction record, outperforming Bitcoin Venture Beat
2017/8/15 Introduction on the Administrative Regulations of Prioritized Patent Examination IP Watchdog
2017/8/15 China Trademarks: Under Armour vs. Uncle Martian, Part Two China Law Blog
2017/8/15 China’s Intellectual Property Theft Must Stop New York Times
2017/8/15 China’s Plan for World Domination in AI Isn’t So Crazy After All Bloomberg Technology
2017/8/15 China's probe into Tencent, Baidu, Sina may be about politics, not cybersecurity CNBC
2017/8/14 Copyrights to Keep Three MLB Participants From Using Preferred Nicknames During Players Weekend Promo Marketing
2017/8/14 Trump administration goes after China over intellectual property, advanced technology The Washington Post
2017/8/11 Beijing looks to Malaysia for fast track to support in region South China Morning Post
2017/8/11 Review: Meizu Pro 7 Plus - dual-screen smartphone will change how you take selfies, and makes sure you don’t miss a thing South China Morning Post
2017/8/10 ITRI, Oxford Instruments to further strengthen cooperation Focus Taiwan
2017/8/10 Chinese App Developers Accuse Apple of Monopolistic Behavior Sixth Tone
2017/8/10 Vegas Golden Knights name trademark approved after initial denial in November SB Nation
2017/8/10 Gucci sues Forever 21 for trademark infringement CBS This Morning
2017/8/10 The Immunotherapy Patent Landscape: Types of patent claims for immunotherapeutic inventions IP Watchdog
2017/8/10 Mayo prevails in patent case, but legal fight isn't over Star Tribune
2017/8/10 Double checking patents puts exploitative trolls on notice The Hill
2017/8/10 Here's What Goldman Is Telling Big Money Clients About Bitcoin Bloomberg Technology
2017/8/10 Decision Time on Drug Pricing Taiwan Business Topics
2017/8/9 ITC opens patent infringement investigation after Qualcomm files complaint against Apple IP Watchdog
2017/8/9 Episode 399: Can You Patent a Steak? NPR
2017/8/9 The Rapid Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin Cash Forbes
2017/8/8 Separate Article III Standing Not Necessary for PTAB Appellees Patent Post Grant
2017/8/8 Podcast patent ruled invalid by court BBC
2017/8/7 China Trademarks: Be Like Trump (aka Chun Pou) China Law Blog
2017/8/7 Personal Audio loses its appeal for podcasting patent Tech Crunch
2017/8/4 France's Kering, China's Alibaba agree on joint action to protect intellectual property Xinhua
2017/8/4 Toyota, Mazda plan capital tie-up for electric vehicle race Asahi Shimbun
2017/8/4 LG Set to Unveil New Smartphone with OLED Display Chosun Ilbo
2017/8/4 Small South Korean Businesses Still Can't Find Staff Despite Crowded Job Market Chosun Ilbo
2017/8/4 Nvidia, maker of graphics chips, gets into China’s self-driving cars with investment in Tusimple South China Morning Post
2017/8/4 Macau teams up with Alibaba to turn smart city vision into reality South China Morning Post
2017/8/3 Patent Quality Metrics: Finding Reliable Metrics Linked to Patent Value IP Watchdog
2017/8/3 2 Midwest Towns Locked In Trademark Battle Over Pierogi Festival Name NPR
2017/8/3 Nobody wins patents like IBM, but Amazon and Facebook are picking up their pace Quartz
2017/8/3 Patent Losers Piggyback on Supreme Court Constitutionality Review Bloomberg
2017/8/3 Apple files patent for screen with privacy-viewing options CNET
2017/8/3 Chinese Scientist Retracts Groundbreaking Gene Study Sixth Tone
2017/8/3 Foxconn steers clear of Trump's $30 billion investment claim Asahi Shimbun
2017/8/3 German carmakers agree to ministers’ pollution demands Reuters
2017/8/3 Briton who stopped WannaCry attack arrested over separate malware claims Guardian
2017/8/2 Telecom carrier fined NT$1 million for poor service Focus Taiwan
2017/8/1 Google says AI better than humans at scrubbing extremist YouTube content Guardian
2017/7/31 People are filing trademark applications to “own” the swastika and the n-word Vox
2017/7/28 No logic in extending length of patents LiveMint
2017/7/28 Trademark board must clarify decision that gave Kerry Earnhardt OK to use 'Earnhardt Collection' ESPN
2017/7/28 Samsung tops U.S. home appliance market for 5th quarter Yonhap News
2017/7/27 Mississippi man files trademark for slang version of N-word The Clarion Ledger
2017/7/27 Infringer Profits in Design Patent Cases IP Watchdog
2017/7/27 The Rate of Blockchain Patent Applications Has Nearly Doubled in 2017 CoinDesk
2017/7/27 Why Nokia Profits Are Surging Thanks to Apple Reuters
2017/7/27 Apple owes the University of Wisconsin $506 million for using patented technology in iPhones and iPads Los Angeles Times
2017/7/27 China's Artificial Intelligence Revolution The Diplomat
2017/7/27 Didi-Uber merger under probe over anti-trust concerns: ministry ECNS
2017/7/27 Reform of central SOEs to be done by this year, govt says ECNS
2017/7/27 China’s Next Target: U.S. Microchip Hegemony (Paywall) Wall Street Journal
2017/7/26 Apple supplier Foxconn says it will build big Wisconsin factory CNN
2017/7/26 USTR Lighthizer: Trump challenging China's industrial policies - radio interview Reuters
2017/7/26 UC files appeal to revive CRISPR patent interference Berkeley News
2017/7/26 Bondi Beach at centre of trademark tussle between Sydney cosmetics company and Abercrombie & Fitch ABC News
2017/7/25 Chinese military sets up hi-tech weapons research agency modelled on US body South China Morning Post
2017/7/25 Taiwan heavily dependent on U.S. for technology Focus Taiwan
2017/7/21 LG Electronics taps deeper into robot biz Yonhap News
2017/7/21 Chinese e-commerce giant JD to launch unmanned warehouses, trucks in Beijing People's Daily Online
2017/7/21 Scientists apply Nobel Prize-winning concept to battery Yonhap News
2017/7/21 China-built air-cleaning bikes heading for Britain's streets China Daily
2017/7/21 Chinese-led scientists found a new particle CNTV
2017/7/21 World dominance in three steps: China sets out road map to lead in artificial intelligence by 2030 South China Morning Post
2017/7/20 SoftBank CEO sees massive data, AI as key to future advances Associated Press
2017/7/20 Samsung’s Unpacked event happens August 23, likely bringing the Galaxy Note 8 with it Tech Crunch
2017/7/20 Baidu Cloud User? Your Files May Be Publicly Searchable Sixth Tone
2017/7/20 Taiwan's Formosat-5 satellite arrives in Los Angeles Focus Taiwan
2017/7/20 Stanford engineers create vine-like soft robot that can grow CNTV
2017/7/17 Leshi picks new board without its founder, as picketing debtors disrupt shareholders’ meeting South China Morning Post
2017/7/17 In Urban China, Cash Is Rapidly Becoming Obsolete The New York Times
2017/7/17 Five Takeaways From China's Weekend Meeting on Financial Regulation Bloomberg
2017/7/16 IP Firm Patent Filing Data Reveals a Tough and Competitive Market for Australian Attorneys Patentology
2017/7/16 China approves 9 IPO applications Xinhua
2017/7/16 Why China’s Aerospace Industry Needs Technological Heroes Sixth Tone
2017/7/16 Apple acquires former Pantech patents from Korean NPE with government links Medium
2017/7/14 Hyundai to launch two performance cars in Europe this year Yonhap News
2017/7/13 S. Korea to open 2 more VR, AR complexes Yonhap News
2017/7/13 China’s third science center to take shape by 2020 People's Daily
2017/7/13 HTC responds after being accused of patent infringement by Nichia Focus Taiwan
2017/7/13 Songwriters Sue China’s Live-Streamers for Royalties Sixth Tone
2017/7/13 China June exports, imports higher than expected as global demand holds strong CNBC
2017/7/13 Auditor won’t give opinion on Toshiba’s financial report Asahi Shimbun
2017/7/13 Panasonic offers relief from BO with deodorizing coat hanger Asahi Shimbun
2017/7/13 The iPhone 8 Is Shaking Up Taiwan's Apple-Reliant Tech Industry Forbes
2017/7/13 Researchers 3D print a soft artificial heart that works a lot like a real one TechCrunch
2017/7/13 Virtual reality never seems so real at new game park in Tokyo Asahi Shimbun
2017/7/12 LeEco Smartphone Out of Stock as Unpaid Suppliers Protest Outside Headquarters Caixin
2017/7/12 Exclusive: Ant Financial refiles for U.S. approval of MoneyGram deal - sources Reuters
2017/7/12 U.S. Should Not Block Chinese Chip Acquisitions: China Think-Tank Reuters
2017/7/12 China to deepen reform to promote mass entrepreneurship, innovation Xinhua
2017/7/12 Apple sets up China data center to meet new cyber-security rules Reuters
2017/7/11 Xiaomi on Comeback Trail With Record-Breaking Quarterly Sales Caixin
2017/7/11 Chatbots set to take over most customer service work, say Hong Kong start-ups South China Morning Post
2017/7/7 HKT unleashes more ultra-fast fibre-optic connections for Hong Kong households South China Morning Post
2017/7/6 Nokia and Xiaomi ink patent and equipment deal, Xiaomi buys Nokia patents Tech Crunch
2017/7/6 This Apple patent could describe facial recognition for the next iPhone Tech Crunch
2017/7/6 Qualcomm Sues Apple for Patent Infringement, Requests ITC Block iPhone Barron's Daily
2017/7/6 Pot with patents could plant the seeds of future lawsuits WGRZ
2017/7/6 Research Results Commercialized at Guangdong Fair China Daily
2017/7/6 Big Western Pharma companies expand drug investment in China Xinhua
2017/7/6 China produces world’s first cloned dog using gene editing People's Daily
2017/7/6 Baidu and Nvidia team up for autopilot technology CNTV
2017/7/6 Konica Minolta, With Eye on Health Care, Nears Deal for U.S. Genetics Firm The New York Times
2017/7/6 Bio-tech industry in China hits 4 trillion RMB in 2016 CNTV
2017/7/6 Commencement of the Patent Prosecution Highway Program between Japan and New Zealand JPO
2017/7/5 Baidu CEO Reprimanded for Riding in Autonomous Vehicle Genome Web
2017/7/5 Swedish Neo-Nazis Frozen Out In Trademark Fight NPR
2017/7/5 Mango loses attempt to block TheFaceShop trademark registration Channel News Asia
2017/7/4 Chinese Boycott Takes Toll on Hyundai-Kia, Suppliers Chosun Ilbo
2017/7/4 Why Chinese submarines could soon be quieter than US ones South China Morning Post
2017/7/3 Visa plans to introduce QR code payments in Taiwan by end-2018 Focus Taiwan
2017/6/30 Ditch your boarding pass, all you need is to show up as Chinese airline launches face recognition software South China Morning Post
2017/6/30 Health care experts seek innovation amid 4th industrial revolution Yonhap News
2017/6/30 China intending to take lead with national AI plan People's Daily
2017/6/30 China's manufacturing activity expands for 11th month People's Daily
2017/6/30 Moon, Trump hold frank, serious talks on N. Korea, alliance Yonhap News
2017/6/29 First satellite developed by Taiwan to launch on Aug. 25 Focus Taiwan
2017/6/29 Western Digital says Toshiba’s complaints ‘frivolous’ Asahi Shimbun
2017/6/29 Enzo Patent Found Invalid in Ongoing IP Lawsuits Genome Web
2017/6/29 Redskins win trademark fight against Native Americans, Justice Department over team's name Chicago Tribune
2017/6/29 Samsung Filed A Patent For Magnetic VR Hand Controllers Upload VR
2017/6/29 Google's fine is big news but the company faces a far bigger threat The Guardian
2017/6/28 Hong Kong’s future is in learning new words: fintech, regtech, wealthtech South China Morning Post
2017/6/28 Why you can trademark a Toblerone but not a Kitkat New York Times
2017/6/28 PTAB’s Conclusion of Obviousness Overturned as Lacking Sufficient Justification PTAB Watch
2017/6/28 Tencent Dominates in China. Next Challenge Is Rest of the World Bloomberg
2017/6/27 Kyle Bass Gets Fresenius’ Diprivan Claims Canceled in IPR PTAB Watch
2017/6/26 Taiwan holds symposium on AI technologies and applications Focus Taiwan
2017/6/26 Revolutionizing Milk Distribution CommonWealth
2017/6/23 Foxconn to continue to pursue Toshiba chip unit acquisition: Sharp CEO Asahi Shimbun
2017/6/23 Samsung launches high-end QLED TVs in Brazil Yonhap News
2017/6/23 Ford chooses China over Mexico to save $1 billion People's Daily
2017/6/22 Malaysian fund managers positive on China's MSCI inclusion Xinhua
2017/6/22 Foxconn to invest $10 billion in the U.S. Focus Taiwan
2017/6/22 pays US$397m for stake in luxury fashion e-commerce provider Farfetch South China Morning Post
2017/6/22 Martin Shkreli, ‘Pharma Bro,’ Prepares for Trial: ‘I’m So Innocent’ New York Times
2017/6/22 Amazon Takes Second Shot at China With New Import Service Caixin
2017/6/21 The STRONGER Patents Act: Important Legislation to Protect Our Innovation Economy CPIP
2017/6/20 Innolux to mass-produce world's 1st flexible fingerprint sensors Focus Taiwan
2017/6/20 Tencent's Startup Investment Frenzy Now Reaches Outer Space Bloomberg Technology
2017/6/20 Computer-Based Publishing Patent Goes Offline after Alice Inquiry New England IP Blog
2017/6/19 PTAB Exercised Discretion to Terminate Ex Parte Reexaminations in Ariosa v. Illumina; CAFC to Review PTAB Watch
2017/6/19 Why China is set to spend US$411 billion on 5G mobile networks South China Morning Post
2017/6/19 Grey Market Goods and China China Law Blog
2017/6/19 Supreme Court Turns Down "Dancing Baby" Copyright Case The Hollywood Reporter
2017/6/17 The Impact of Drake’s Fair Use Copyright Victory on Music Copyright Infringement IP Watchdog
2017/6/16 Robots, VR and AR dominate the third Consumer Electronics Show Asia in Shanghai South China Morning Post
2017/6/16 China blacklists 24 S. Korean firms, restricts trade of food, cosmetics: KITA Yonhap News
2017/6/16 S. Korean tech giants beef up after-sales services in U.S. Yonhap News
2017/6/16 Western Digital seeks court injunction to block sale of Toshiba chip unit Asahi Shimbun
2017/6/16 Microsoft’s AI beats Ms. Pac-Man Tech Crunch
2017/6/16 Ethereum Classic Becomes First Crypto Research On Bloomberg Terminals The CoinTelegraph
2017/6/15 How and Why LinkedIn Learned to Love Patents IP Watchdog
2017/6/15 Amazon granted a patent that prevents in-store shoppers from online price checking The Verge
2017/6/15 Patent office has received 32 trademark requests for 'covfefe' The Hill
2017/6/15 Facebook Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Find Extremist Posts The New York Times
2017/6/15 Capitulation Settlements in IPR are No Win for Patent Owners IP Watchdog
2017/6/15 Switzerland Tops Global Innovation Index 2017; Attention To Gap Needed Intellectual Property Watch
2017/6/14 Baidu gives Japanese keyboard app AI dictation technology Nikkei
2017/6/14 Sony's second OLED TV attempt could be game changer Nikkei
2017/6/14 Judge Overturns Jury's Verdict That 'Jersey Boys' Is a Copyright Infringement The Hollywood Reporter
2017/6/14 Gene Simmons Seeks to Register Trademark on Iconic Rock Hand Gesture The Hollywood Reporter
2017/6/14 WannaCry attacks prompt Microsoft to release Windows updates for older versions Guardian
2017/6/13 Supreme Court will weigh in on troll-killing patent-review process Ars Technica
2017/6/9 Beyoncé is Fighting for the Blue Ivy Carter Trademark She Knows
2017/6/9 Softbank is buying robotics firms Boston Dynamics and Schaft from Alphabet Tech Crunch
2017/6/9 Honda plans mostly self-driving car by 2025 Associated Press
2017/6/9 Venture firms welcome gov't plans to launch new SME ministry Yonhap News
2017/6/9 S. Korea unveils road map to upgrade robot technology Yonhap News
2017/6/8 Off-White Takes Trademark Battle with Paige in Front of Taiwan IP Office The Fashion Law
2017/6/8 Chengdu AI passed math portion of national college entrance exam People's Daily
2017/6/8 Internet cameras have hard-coded password that can’t be changed Ars Technica
2017/6/8 Sony's PlayStation VR headset sales top 1 million units Reuters
2017/6/8 Hon Hai reportedly not shortlisted for acquisition of Toshiba Memory Focus Taiwan
2017/6/7 China's New Cybersecurity Law Tested by iPhone Information Theft Fox Business
2017/6/7 Drops (& gains) in patent grants to top holders reflect changing times IP Closeup
2017/6/7 EVA Air introduces upgraded passenger service robot Focus Taiwan
2017/6/7 Associate Solicitor Joe Matal named Acting Director of the USPTO IP Watchdog
2017/6/7 CIPU media survey reflects high subjectivity in mainstream media reporting of patent infringement stories Reuters
2017/6/6 Apple partners with HTC in VR Focus Taiwan
2017/6/6 Different Invalidity Conclusions by PTAB and Federal Courts Prohibited in Inter Partes Reexamination But Permissible in IPR PTAB Watch
2017/6/6 Patent Office Director Michelle Lee resigns Politico
2017/6/2 Arista wins round in Cisco patent fight over network technology Reuters
2017/6/2 What the Supreme Court's Latest Patent Decision Means for ... The National Law Review
2017/6/2 East Texas Could See 1000 Fewer Patent Cases, Report Says Law360
2017/6/1 Bridgestone wins another patent battle with Chinese makers Nikkei Asian Review
2017/6/1 Disney seeks patent for humanoid robot ERAU News
2017/5/31 Amazon patents a parachute shipping label for drone deliveries The Verge
2017/5/31 New twist in fight over patent on cancer drug Times of India
2017/5/30 US top court restricts patent owners' right to block resale of goods Reuters
2017/5/19 Spotify buys AI startup Niland to develop its music personalization and recommendations Tech Crunch
2017/5/19 When Big Brother gets God’s Eye: China tries to catch up on AI South China Morning Post
2017/5/19 SK hynix to join 2nd bidding of Toshiba Yonhap News
2017/5/18 Pessimism  looms over  Chinese  Go  master’s  upcoming match  against  AlphaGo People's Daily
2017/5/18 The World’s Best-Selling Drug Just Lost a Key Patent Battle Fortune
2017/5/18 Celltrion's Truxima hits Germany Yonhap News
2017/5/18 CTBC aims to be one of 1st banks to provide Android Pay services Focus Taiwan
2017/5/18 Slump in Clean Energy Patents Causes Concern IP Watchdog
2017/5/18 Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council Publishes Report on Blockchain Crowdfund Insider
2017/5/18 China Creates Own Insurance Monster Bloomberg
2017/5/18 March-in Rights: A Lost Opportunity To Lower US Drug Prices IP Watch 
2017/5/17 Google Lens turns your phone into a super-intelligent camera Mashable Asia
2017/5/17 Some Cardiac Monitoring Patents Beat Alice Challenge, While Others Fail to Survive New England IP Blog
2017/5/17 Ant Financial Steams Into Uncharted Waters of Global Markets Caixin
2017/5/17 Podcast -- Joseph Nye, Jr.: Chinese power in the age of Donald Trump Sup China
2017/5/17 Japan urges Toshiba, Western Digital to warm as chip spat flares Asahi Shimbun
2017/5/17 China Registers Drones to Prevent Further Flight Disruptions Sixth Tone
2017/5/12 Amgen Patent Suit Targets Coherus' Neulasta Biosimilar Law360
2017/5/12 Analytica secures Australian patent for incontinence medical device Business News
2017/5/12 How the Fidget Spinner Origin Story Spun Out of Control Bloomberg
2017/5/10 Feeling Conflicted: Australian Patent Attorney Firms Under Scrutiny
2017/5/9 Former Harvard Post-Doc Suing University for Patent Royalties Harvard Crimson
2017/5/8 ITC upholds finding that Arista infringed on two Cisco patents The Register
2017/5/5 Snapchat patent reveals future Spectacles with augmented reality. And dinosaurs. Mashable Asia
2017/5/4 The Man Behind China’s Ebola Vaccine Sixth Tone
2017/5/4 Why a Hong Kong plant scientist with a biofuel research breakthrough has to leave for greener pastures South China Morning Post
2017/5/4 Tobacco Logo Ban Said to Get WTO Backing in Landmark Case Bloomberg
2017/5/4 Hashtag trademarking jumps 64% in one year, says CompuMark WIPR
2017/5/4 Jay-Z hit with baseball cap TM claims WIPR
2017/5/4 Wal-Mart files patent for Amazon Dash rival Reuters
2017/5/4 An Update on Patent Enforcement in China The National Law Review
2017/5/4 Using Courts In The Fight Against Patent Trolls Forbes
2017/5/4 Bipartisan Patent Reform and Competition Policy American Enterprise Institute
2017/5/4 Waymo to judge: Stop Uber from using our trade secrets, ASAP Ars Technica
2017/5/3 Taiwan to Amend Trade Secrets Act Lexology
2017/5/3 Australian court orders ISPs to block KickassTorrents TBO
2017/5/2 Ex-TSMC engineer indicted for theft of trade secrets Focus Taiwan
2017/5/2 The Eagles File Trademark-Infringement Lawsuit Against Mexican Hotel Named Hotel California 945 Bay FM
2017/5/2 UKIPO confirms UPC ratification will have to wait WIPR
2017/5/1 Cancer pill costs soar as drug companies retain pricing power Financial Times
2017/5/1 Sent to Prison by a Software Program’s Secret Algorithms New York Times
2017/4/28 From child prodigy to tech minister, Audrey Tang dares Taiwan’s startups to fail South China Morning Post
2017/4/28 Alibaba files more patent applications in Taiwan than other foreign firms Taipei Times
2017/4/28 Foxconn's Terry Gou reportedly has meeting with Trump in White House Focus Taiwan
2017/4/28 China,  Russia  to  develop  new  jet People's Daily
2017/4/28 Exhibition of Global Mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing Xinhua
2017/4/28 Trump's remarks on FTA with S. Korea could trigger protectionism: biz lobby Yonhap News
2017/4/27 Trade Secrets Injunction Spawns Intrigue, Alleged Threats, And Malicious Prosecution Actions The National Law Review
2017/4/27 Alibaba launches US$3m start-up competition with Cyberport and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks South China Morning Post
2017/4/27 Brexit: UK carmakers 'sitting on their hands' rather than investing The Guardian
2017/4/27 Working to cut patent examination time to 18 months: Nirmala Sitharaman The Economic Times
2017/4/27 The Current CRISPR Patent Dispute, Explained California Magazine
2017/4/26 'Flying car' to go on sale by end of year Christian Science Monitor
2017/4/26 Swedish company just got a patent that makes it possible to build windfarms that can withstand typhoons Business Insider Nordic
2017/4/26 Clean energy patent slump in U.S. stirs concern Science Magazine
2017/4/25 Nikon sues ASML, Zeiss over chip-making technology Associated Press
2017/4/25 Taiwanese Youtuber in hot water over alleged copyright infringement Focus Taiwan
2017/4/25 Qualcomm, Microsoft mulling investment in Taiwan: MOEA Focus Taiwan
2017/4/25 Nintendo takes on ‘Poké Go’ trademark in opposition WIPR
2017/4/21 SK head to visit Japan on Toshiba deal Yonhap News
2017/4/21 China  signs  over  130  transport  pacts  with  Belt  and  Road countries People's Daily
2017/4/20 EU leader: UK would be welcomed back if voters overturn Brexit The Guardian
2017/4/20 Alipay expansion gathers speed with move into Southeast Asia South China Morning Post
2017/4/20 Supreme Court Asked to Save Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" Copyright The Hollywood Reporter
2017/4/20 Canada is North America’s up-and-coming startup center Tech Crunch
2017/4/20 Apple may face class action law suit over App Store monopoly in China South China Morning Post
2017/4/20 Departure Of YouTube From Russia Could Result In Growth Of Pirated Content, Government Warns IP Watch
2017/4/20 Trump authorizes investigation into steel imports from China Axios
2017/4/20 PBOC's Ma Says China Weighing Impact of Shadow Banking Rules Bloomberg
2017/4/20 Why China's New Cargo Space Ship Is So Important The Diplomat
2017/4/20 NXP sells Advanced Semiconductor Stake to Chinese Buyer Caixin
2017/4/20 Haiyin To Help Bring $1B Chinese VC Money To University Start-Ups In US China Money Network
2017/4/19 President Trump's New Order Gives China Tech Opportunity To 'Hire American' Too NPR
2017/4/19 Japan-U.S. bid eyed for Toshiba semiconductor unit sell-off Asahi Shimbun
2017/4/19 China is building the world's largest nuclear submarine facility Popular Science
2017/4/18 Taiwan to offer NT$125,000 monthly stipend to lure overseas talent Focus Taiwan
2017/4/17 Science parks, YunTech and IIT Hyderabad sign MOU in Hsinchu Focus Taiwan
2017/4/14 Baidu is acquiring xPerception, a US startup focused on computer vision Tech Crunch
2017/4/14 Company sued EFF over “Stupid Patent of the Month;” EFF now flips the script Ars Technica
2017/4/14 And now for the auto-selfie: how ultrasound is the new frontier for phones, and more South China Morning Post
2017/4/14 SK Group expresses hope of buying Toshiba's memory biz Yonhap News
2017/4/14 Ito-Yokado’s trademark 'pigeon' to find way home The Asahi Shimbun
2017/4/13 Uber allegedly used secret program to undermine rival Lyft The Guardian
2017/4/13 Big Music And The Future Of Copyright Laws Forbes
2017/4/13 Editas’ rivals appeal a recent setback on patent fight, mapping a global war for CRISPR supremacy Endpoints News
2017/4/13 Federal Judge Halts Sale of Irish Butter Over Trademark Suit Associated Press
2017/4/13 To boost transparency, Ukraine turns to blockchain Christian Science Monitor
2017/4/13 Victoria Beckham trademarks her five-year-old daughter Harper's name Independent
2017/4/13 Enceladus ocean jets spew hydrogen: Signs of life? Christian Science Monitor
2017/4/13 Doctors Without Borders Among 30 Groups to Challenge HCV Drug Patent in Europe Contagion
2017/4/12 Taiwan 'breakthrough therapy' drugs to enter clinical trials Focus Taiwan
2017/4/12 Google open to cooperation with Taiwan power plants: executive Focus Taiwan
2017/4/12 Baidu  uses  AI  technology  to  help  abducted  child  find  family Xinhua
2017/4/12 BlackBerry wins $814m Qualcomm patent-cap arbitration The Register
2017/4/10 Man vs machine: AlphaGo AI to face the world’s best human Go player in China South China Morning Post
2017/4/7  to  build  150  airports  for  drone  delivery  in  SW  China People's Daily
2017/4/7 Hyundai, Kia to recall 171,348 vehicles in S. Korea for potentially faulty engines Yonhap News
2017/4/6 AI bot and humans in Texas Hold‘Em showdown in Hainan South China Morning Post
2017/4/6 The Witcher studio assuages concerns over ‘Cyberpunk’ trademark Polygon
2017/4/6 Dunnes Stores wins appeal in Aldi trademark infringement case The Irish Times
2017/4/6 Huawei defeats Samsung in patent battle in China BBC
2017/4/6 NAFTA patent ruling a big victory for Canadian innovation The Globe and Mail
2017/4/6 PAX: Android patent protection consortium formed ZDNet
2017/4/6 China  spending  on  robotics  to  hit  59.4  bln  USD  in  2020:  IDC People's Daily
2017/4/6 University Trademark Licensing Denial Goes up in Smoke JD Supra
2017/4/6 Airbus, Boeing close in on Qantas’ ultra-long haul dream Reuters
2017/4/5 Holding on for a unitary  patent IP COPY
2017/4/5 Monzo, a UK digital-only challenger bank, granted full banking license Tech Crunch
2017/4/5 Taiwan signs cooperation pact with Stanford University Focus Taiwan
2017/4/5 Uber's Seattle woes: union battle could see company leave another major city The Guardian
2017/4/4 Copyright Plaintiff Allowed to Subpoena ISP to Discover Defendant’s Name New England IP Blog
2017/4/4 Justice Stephen Burley Pulls Excess Teeth from Australia’s Innovation Patent Patentology
2017/4/3 How Tech Is Transforming a Beijing Burial Site Sixth Tone
2017/4/1 Britain’s brutal encounter with reality The Economist
2017/3/31 Seoul Motor Show kicks off with focus on new cars, future technologies Yonhap News
2017/3/30 U.S., Taiwan hold technology licensing dialogue Focus Taiwan
2017/3/30 Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross interviews candidates for USPTO Director IP Watchdog
2017/3/29 Singapore: The Dark Horse of Fintech Forbes
2017/3/29 Behind the Decline at China’s Tech Giant Baidu The Information
2017/3/29 What the Repeal of Online Privacy Protections Means for You New York Times
2017/3/29 Federal Circuit affirms data patent after Google challenge WIPR
2017/3/29 Deep-Dark-Data-Driven Politics (Audio) NPR
2017/3/29 LG accuses Blu of SEP infringement WIPR
2017/3/29 Underground labs in China are devising potent new opiates faster than authorities can respond Science
2017/3/29 'Candy Crush' maker sues company for copyright infringement WIPR
2017/3/28 Mobile Payment Patent Remains Legal Tender after Alice Challenge New England IP Blog
2017/3/28 Google makes its Translate mobile apps available for users in China Tech Crunch
2017/3/28 Tech Industry Debates AIA Proceedings at Inaugural PTAB Conference PTAB Watch
2017/3/28 Global Drugmakers Poised for Windfall of Approvals in China Bloomberg
2017/3/28 Alibaba and Small Business Owners China Law Blog
2017/3/27 HTC, Shenzhen government to jointly set up VR research institute Focus Taiwan
2017/3/24 Chinese govt says no need for JV tech transfers People's Daily
2017/3/24 Samsung Electronics says transition to holding firm 'not easy Yonhap News
2017/3/23 MIC: Mobile payments used mainly for restaurant bills and transportation fees in Taiwan Taiwan News
2017/3/23 'Solar-powered skin' could restore feeling to amputees Christian Science Monitor
2017/3/23 Hundreds of Chinese Cinemas Punished for Box Office Fraud Sixth Tone
2017/3/23 Mercedes Has Been Hit with a Trademark Complaint in China Reuters
2017/3/23 Beijing court rules against Sony China for patent infringement China Daily
2017/3/23 The Supreme Court could fundamentally change America's broken patent system Yahoo Finance
2017/3/23 ZTE Pleads Guilty to Violating Sanctions on Iran Tech Sales Bloomberg
2017/3/23 Jack Ma: Asia has ‘chance to win’ in emerging era of super machines South China Morning Post
2017/3/23 Toshiba likely to be told to keep chip business out of Chinese hands Asahi Shimbun
2017/3/22 Lithuanian man's phishing tricked US tech companies into wiring over $100m The Guardian
2017/3/22 China tells cornerstones to bring money home in blow for smaller HK IPOs: sources Reuters
2017/3/21 Will a cheaper iPad do much to boost tablet sales?  Christian Science Monitor
2017/3/21 Taiwan-developed 'smart helmet' showcased in Silicon Valley Focus Taiwan
2017/3/21 High court says patent suit over adult diapers can proceed Associated Press
2017/3/20 TSMC no plan to invest in U.S. 3nm chip production: ministry Focus Taiwan
2017/3/19 Indigenous women hope to trademark textiles to fight intellectual property theft CGTN
2017/3/17 Advances in AI and ML are reshaping healthcare TechCrunch
2017/3/16 Do US Patent Incentives Need To Change To Get The ‘Cancer Moonshot’ Off The Ground? Intellectual Property Watch
2017/3/16 CCTV Scaremongering No Match for Millennial Consumers Sixth Tone
2017/3/16 Amazon has an idea for delivery drones with robotic wings and legs to help them land CNBC
2017/3/16 Taiwan keen on hosting 2022 ITS World Congress Focus Taiwan
2017/3/16 Adidas beats Tesla Model 3 in trademark fight: Three stripes and you're out Financial Review
2017/3/16 One Way To Force Down Drug Prices: Have The U.S. Exercise Its Patent Rights NPR
2017/3/16 Coachella Sues Urban Outfitters in Trademark Battle Philly Mag
2017/3/16 Japan's sovereign patent fund IP Bridge faces harsh US litigation reality as it is hit with multiple IPR filings IAM
2017/3/15 The ZTE Case PIIE
2017/3/15 Record Year for International Patent Applications in 2016; Strong Demand Also for Trademark and Industrial Design Protection WIPO
2017/3/14 Revisions to Patent Law Increase Coverage of High-Tech Industry Caixin
2017/3/14 Judge Allows for Possibility "Marilyn Monroe" Is Too Generic for Trademark The Hollywood Reporter
2017/3/12 China’s New Laws on Employment of Foreign Recent Graduates China Law Blog
2017/3/7 A curious timeline of trademarks granted to Donald Trump by an increasingly helpful China Quartz
2017/3/9 China urges U.S. to properly handle trade relations after ZTE settlement People's Daily
2017/3/9 Scientists ‘on the brink’ of creating complex life form South China Morning Post
2017/3/9 Why I Quit Alibaba’s Big Push Toward Countryside Commerce Sixth Tone
2017/3/9 China lawyers play down suspicions over Trump trademarks Financial Times
2017/3/9 EU court upholds penalty on Samsung SDI over price fixing Yonhap News
2017/3/9 Google's DeepMind plans bitcoin-style health record tracking for hospitals Guardian
2017/3/8 Didi Chuxing Rolls Into Silicon Valley Seeking Automated Car Talent Forbes
2017/3/8 South Korea's gov't to offer 3 tln won in support for fintech startups Yonhap News
2017/3/8 Ford faces another legal challenge over hybrid technology patent Automotive News
2017/3/8 India Inc can now register trademark as ‘well-known’ The Economic Times
2017/3/8 NTT’s VR technology aims to impress at Tokyo Olympics Ashai Shimbun
2017/3/7 China must woo top tech talent turned off by Trump, says Baidu chief South China Morning Post
2017/3/7 Xiaomi chips made with support from TSMC: Xiaomi chairman Focus Taiwan
2017/3/7 'Frank Miura' watches just keep on ticking off Franck Muller Nikkei Asian Review
2017/3/6 USPTO diverts funds to Commerce Department as user fee increases are prepared IP Watchdog
2017/3/3 U.S. imposes anti-dumping tariffs on steel bar makers from Taiwan Focus Taiwan
2017/3/3 The new god of gamblers: a computer has beaten pro poker players for the first time AFP
2017/3/3 BOK chief calls for risk management in digital financial innovation Yonhap News
2017/3/3 Japan’s first color trademarks go to a humble pencil eraser and a convenience store chain Quartz
2017/3/3 Thai Commerce Ministry OK with using Article 44 to speed up patent approvals The Nation
2017/3/3 Apple's U.K. Suit Against Qualcomm Adds to Global Patent War Bloomberg
2017/3/3 Patent-holding company’s $533M verdict against Apple is dust on appeal Ars Technica
2017/3/3 USPTO Changes Pertaining to Trademark Declarations, Post-Registration Use Filings National Law Review
2017/3/2 Fresh From ABA 2017: Community Bankers Are Riding The Fintech And Regulation Wave Of Optimism Forbes
2017/3/2 Geely boss urges Beijing to open high-definition mapping market to boost self driving cars South China Morning Post
2017/3/2 Taiwan sets 10-year deadline to complete fighter jet prototype Focus Taiwan
2017/3/2 Businesses can register trademark in Shanghai Shanghai Daily
2017/3/2 Bitcoin’s “creator” races to patent technology with gambling tycoon Reuters
2017/3/1 IBM somehow got a patent for an Out-Of-Office email system Engadget
2017/3/1 Toy giant Hasbro is trying to trademark the smell of Play-Doh Independent
2017/3/1 China Mobile targets steady build-out of 5G infrastructure from 2018 South China Morning Post
2017/2/27 UK and Canada Regulators Sign Agreement for FinTech Expansion Reuters
2017/2/27 Alexander McQueen Loses Yet Another Trademark Battle in Australia The Fashion Law
2017/2/24 ZTE gets fifth consecutive reprieve from US export curbs South China Morning Post
2017/2/23 Silk worm  'astronauts'  make  high-quality  cocoons People's Daily
2017/2/23 Chunghwa Telecom to launch LWA services Focus Taiwan
2017/2/23 Lack of guidance means that the Supreme Court’s latest patent decision is all too familiar IAM
2017/2/23 Can Google AI spot and stop hate speech online? Christian Science Monitor
2017/2/23 Supreme Court Limits Foreign Reach of the U.S. Patent Act New England IP Blog
2017/2/23 Google Self-Driving Car Unit Accuses Uber of Using Stolen Technology New York Times
2017/2/23 Fake moustache sparks copyright lawsuit against AB InBev WIPR
2017/2/23 Hot potato: McCain sues rival in patent infringement suit WIPR
2017/2/22 Judge Young Addresses Possibility Versus Plausibility in Patent Pleadings New England IP Blog
2017/2/22 China Trademarks: The Limits of Fame China Film Insider
2017/2/21 Acer-developed smart parking system unveiled in Tainan Focus Taiwan
2017/2/21 Chinese Commerce Minister Warns of ‘Reaction’ if U.S. Imposes Tariffs Caixin
2017/2/21 Lacoste loses Supreme Court trademark fight New Zealand Herald
2017/2/21 NCAA Battles Big Ten For Marching On Trademark Rights Forbes
2017/2/21 QQ Blocks Thousands of Accounts for Selling Private Information Caixin
2017/2/21 How Much Is a CRISPR Patent License Worth? Forbes
2017/2/20 Dozens of Chinese firms apply to use ‘Ivanka’ as their trademark South China Morning Post
2017/2/17 Excess Claim Fees in Singapore to Take Effect from 1 April 2017 Spruson & Ferguson
2017/2/17 Trade deficit in intellectual property rights narrows in 2016 Yonhap News
2017/2/17 S.Korea's Economic Freedom Ranking Improves The Chosun Ilbo
2017/2/17 Sake brewery applies for U.S. bottle texture trademark Asahi Shimbun
2017/2/17 Start-up fever grips young tech-savvy Indians AFP
2017/2/17 China  hopes  to  cover  flights  and  trains  with  internet  under new  satellite  plan People's Daily
2017/2/16 Microsoft raises prices of some PCs by up to £400 due to Brexit The Guardian
2017/2/16 California Bill Provides Trademark Protection for Marijuana Industry Entrepreneur
2017/2/16 Blackberry sues Nokia in patent clash BBC
2017/2/16 A Patent Decision on Crispr Gene Editing Favors MIT Wired
2017/2/16 Podcast: Africa-China journalism Sincia Podcast
2017/2/16 Novozymes wins landmark case for biotech patent in alcohol beverages Beverage Daily
2017/2/16 Startup pairs man with machine to crack the 'black box' of neural networks Christian Science Monitor
2017/2/16 Principles  of  human  gene  editing  released People's Daily
2017/2/16 HTC to unveil mobile VR device by year end: report Focus Taiwan
2017/2/15 China Awards Trump Valuable New Trademark Voice of America
2017/2/15 Beyoncé And Jay Z Could Be Feeling Blue Over 'Blue Ivy' Trademark Forbes
2017/2/10 Tesla answers claims of poor factory working conditions and unionization  efforts Tech Crunch
2017/2/10 LG Elec's mobile biz chief buys company stocks ahead of new product launch Yonhap News
2017/2/10 Former judge wants to head patent office, says he’ll “Make Patents Great Again” Ars Technica
2017/2/9 Hong Kong regulator says city should wait for 5G standards South China Morning Post
2017/2/9 Federal Circuit remands Apple v. Samsung design patent case to Judge Koh in Northern California IP Watchdog
2017/2/9 Neovacs Issued New Broad Patent in China for IFNα Kinoid Yahoo Finance
2017/2/9 A Heart-Stopping Patent Injunction Stay For Sanofi Forbes
2017/2/9 Hong Kong government dismisses report ranking city 5th for fintech South China Morning Post
2017/2/8 Chinese Firms Racing to the Front of the AI Revolution Top 500
2017/2/8 HP patents, sold off to a troll, are used to sue Cisco and Facebook Ars Technica
2017/2/8 Microsoft Adds Patent Suit Protections For Cloud Customers Bloomberg
2017/2/8 How China Will Ward Off an Attack of the Drones Sixth Tone
2017/2/7 The Kylie Minogue vs Kylie Jenner trademark battle BBC
2017/2/7 TSMC unseats Hon Hai as domestic patent application leader in 2016 Focus Taiwan
2017/2/6 Marijuana's Patent Spree Puts The 'High' In High Tech Forbes
2017/2/6 In France, social media and news organizations partner to battle fake news Christian Science Monitor
2017/2/2 Samsung factory fire caused by faulty batteries The Guardian
2017/2/3 Microsoft asks Trump for exceptions on immigration ban South China Morning Post
2017/2/3 Apple's  iPhone  loses  sales  crown  to  Oppo's  R9  in  China  in  2016 People's Daily
2017/2/3 Trump says 'Thank you, Samsung' for considering building factory in U.S. Yonhap
2017/2/3 Team BlackSheep’s Vendetta is a fast racing drone with high learning curve TechCrunch
2017/2/2 Uber battle: How Indonesia's taxi drivers are forging a ride-hailing resistance Christian Science Monitor
2017/2/2 Patriots trademark '19-0' nine years after Super Bowl loss to Giants CBS Sports
2017/2/2 Arch Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Method-of-Use Patent Covering Self-Assembling Peptidomimetics Market Wired
2017/2/2 New Apple Watch patent application sticks a battery-powered strap on a round body CNet
2017/2/2 Toyota boss: Our firm ‘also a U.S. automaker’ The Japan News
2017/2/2 Prototype eco-car unveiled for Shell Eco-Marathon in the Philippines People's Daily
2017/2/2 Cabinet approves plan to upgrade drug evaluation center Focus Taiwan
2017/2/2 China’s Lenovo, Huawei and BBK rank among world’s top 10 buyers of semiconductor products South China Morning Post
2017/2/2 I possess the energy, experience and ability to make patents great again, says Rader in pitch for USPTO top job IAM Media
2017/2/1 Federal Circuit Upholds Cancelation of Micrografx Patent Claims for Anticipation PTAB Watch
2017/2/1 How A 2015 Trial Sheds Light On The CRISPR Patent Case Forbes
2017/1/31 Leaked Pics Offer Glimpse of Samsung, LG Flagship Phones The Chosun Ilbo
2017/1/31 An Insurance Company Just Filed to Trademark the Name 'Trumpcare' Gizmodo
2017/1/31 Robot as barista? Automation moves into service sector Christian Science Monitor
2017/1/26 Vanishing point: the rise of the invisible computer The Guardian
2017/1/26 Car firms tell May post-Brexit tariffs are 'red line' issue that threatens jobs The Guardian
2017/1/26 After lawsuit in US, Apple sues Qualcomm in China Reuters
2017/1/26 S. Korea set to expand imports from U.S Yonhap
2017/1/26 Rocket designers set crosshairs on new air purifiers People's Daily
2017/1/25 Australia opens door to China in push to rescue TPP deal AFP
2017/1/25 Xiaomi is skipping Mobile World Congress entirely this year Tech Crunch
2017/1/25 Can Elon Musk really dig a tunnel under Los Angeles? Christian Science Monitor
2017/1/25 New U.K. rep to Taiwan vows to advance bilateral ties Focus Taiwan
2017/1/25 China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Set For Membership Expansion The Diplomat
2017/1/25 Baidu focuses on AI as founder Robin Li hires new management team South China Morning Post
2017/1/25 Toyota to create 400 jobs at Indiana plant Jiji Press
2017/1/25 S. Korea's 2016 ICT exports slip 6 pct on weak global demand Yonhap
2017/1/25 Launch of KT’s K Bank is put off until March Joong Ang Daily
2017/1/25 China’s Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Oppo dominate fast-growing smartphone market in India South China Morning Post
2017/1/24 A Capital Idea: What’s Behind China’s Bitcoin Craze? Sixth Tone
2017/1/24 What Trump Means for the U.S. Patent System Fortune
2017/1/21 HTC launches 'VR for Impact' program Focus Taiwan
2017/1/20 Uber to pay $20m over claims it misled drivers over how much they would earn The Guardian
2017/1/20 Samsung Heavy, HHI win lawsuit vs. DSME Joong Ang Daily
2017/1/20 China bans imports of S. Korean air purifiers Yonhap News
2017/1/20 Basic materials sector gets boost from Trump expectations Yonhap News
2017/1/19 3M  China  West  Region  Technical  Center  completed  in Chengdu People's Daily
2017/1/19 Toshiba’s loss from N-unit may hit ¥700 bil. Jiji Press
2017/1/19 SmarTone and Ericsson join forces on creating 5G applications for various industries South China Morning Post
2017/1/19 Google plans to introduce to US its low-cost phones aimed at emerging markets South China Morning Post
2017/1/19 Lee staying on as patent chief under Trump administration Forty Five
2017/1/18 Is Michelle Lee Refusing to Leave the USPTO? IP Watchdog
2017/1/18 MIT develops 3-D printing 'undo' option Christian Science Monitor
2017/1/18 Blockchain technology may bring up to US$12bn in annual savings to the world’s largest investment banks, study says South China Morning Post
2017/1/18 Amazon patent hints at self-driving car plans The Guardian
2017/1/18 China’s WTO Entry, 15 Years On Council on Foreign Relations
2017/1/17 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Oculus Rift lawsuit The Guardian
2017/1/16 Taiwan's IT spending expected to grow over 2%: Gartner Focus Taiwan
2017/1/14 How yesterday's industrial workplaces are becoming today's data centers Christian Science Monitor
2017/1/12 China aims to build world’s first exascale supercomputer prototype by end of 2017 The Verge
2017/1/13 Penfolds wins trademark battle over ‘squatter’ in China Decanter
2017/1/13 Foxconn-Sharp considering LCD plant in US Nikkei Asian Review
2017/1/13 VR vendors sweeten the deal by offering free porn with headsets People's Daily
2017/1/12 Robots Will Take Jobs, but Not as Fast as Some Fear, New Report Says New York Times
2017/1/12 Trump takes on drug prices; pharma stock prices drop Reuters
2017/1/12 A rush to patent the blockchain is a sign of the technology’s promise The Economist
2017/1/12 Facebook filed a patent application for self-balancing robots Business Insider
2017/1/12 Eli Lilly's Alimta escapes early generics—and a sales hit—with patent win over Teva Fierce Pharma
2017/1/12 Google Anti-Malware Technology Patent Case Set For Trial Android Headlines
2017/1/12 Facebook is working on a ‘brain-computer interface’ to read and transmit your thoughts Business Insider
2017/1/12 Lenovo reverses PC shipment decline to retain No 1 spot for global sales South China Morning Post
2017/1/12 Give robots 'personhood' status, EU committee argues The Guardian
2017/1/12 Hong Kong consumers open to robots in retail financial services, says survey South China Morning Post
2017/1/12 HTC unveils U Ultra, U Play models Focus Taiwan
2017/1/12 AR technology to make "red envelope war" more fun in lunar New Year People's Daily
2017/1/11 Samsung BioLogics eyes multiple supply deals Yonhap News
2017/1/11 South Korea's cloud computing market grew over 55 pct in 2016: ministry Yonhap News
2017/1/11 New battery packs twice the power for electric cars Joong Ang Daily
2017/1/6 India rejects T-Mobile patent for mobile terminals invention The Financial Express
2017/1/6 Brazil's Eletrobras in talks with China's Shangai Electric Reuters
2017/1/6 Unlikely alliances point Japanese automakers to tomorrow Nikkei Asian Review
2017/1/6 South Korean science ministry to promote strategic industries in 2017 Yonhap News
2017/1/6 At CES, Samsung touts connection, friendliness JoongAng Daily
2017/1/6 Chinese  scientists  develop  fireproof,  waterproof  paper People's Daily
2017/1/5 Toray to make biofuel feedstock from sugar cane in Thailand Nikkei Asian Review
2017/1/5 Don't lose your snooze: the technology that's promising a better night's sleep The Guardian
2017/1/5 UK services sector grows at fastest pace for more than a year The Guardian
2017/1/5 What SCOTUS’s refusal to review cases on patent-eligible subject means Med City News
2017/1/5 Ford, Toyota form telematics bloc to stymie Google, Apple Bloomberg
2017/1/5 Tesla, Panasonic start mass battery output Jiji Press
2017/1/5 Sharp to halt LCD supply to Samsung: sources Yonhap News
2017/1/4 Trump's tweets keep US manufacturers on their toes The Guardian
2017/1/4 'Asian Silicon Valley' will boost Taiwan-U.S. cooperation: Tsai Focus Taiwan
2017/1/4 Leading German institute to set up research center in Hsinchu Focus Taiwan
2017/1/4 Japan mounts low-cost comeback in smartphones Nikkei Asian Review
2017/1/2 More to IBM's AI business than Watson: Japan chief Nikkei Asian Review